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Тут отображается текст песни

Baby, I am a survivor
Baby, I'm on fire
Baby, I'm bout to creep up inside ya
Getting high all day, drinking whiskey all night
Flipping of the police when them tricks pass by
I'm that fool next door, always late with his rent
I'm that loser on the couch, watching Springer and getting head
Dreaming about a better time, better place, better life
Looking for that quick fix, and tweeking all night


Just killing time

Kiss that world goodbye
Its all over now
Nothing is over now

God knows I tried
But no one understands me
The black sheep of the family
My enemies - they try to over take me
Burning and looting till Babylon break me
Look me in the eyes baby, ride with me
I can take it there, ride with me
I know what you want, where you live, what you need
I can make it real, hold it down for you, feel you bleed


I keep my eyes on the stars
That's where I come from
Belt of Orion
Son of the Sun God
You know my name, I'm The Conqueror
The Lion
King, Ka Maya Maya& come
Twenty Twelve, come twelve tribes, come twelve strands, come twelve lives
Twelve steps, twelve months, twelve drug dealers
All make bail, kicked cause of the crowded jails
Sex and violence sells
Twelve serial killers, twelve dead without a trail or a trace&
It's prime time, the fight night, pay per view, suicide, the bee sting