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You are
You are all I’ll ever need
You're my everything

I wanna thank you; not giving up on me
I wanna thank you for believing what could be
'cause you mean so very much to me
I wanna thank you for never letting go
I wanna thank you for waiting in the car
I don't think you realise, how could you know?

You are everything to me
Ohh you are
You are all I’ll ever need
You’re my everything

I wanna tell you what’s filled me at this time
I wanna tell you you're always on my mind
From the moment that I wake to lasting all night
I wanna show you this love is deep inside
I wanna show you, you see it in my eyes
Have you sensed the change in me? Do you realise?

You are everything to me
Ohh you are
You are all I’ll ever need
You’re my everything

You are
You are all I’ll ever need
You’re my everything