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  • КИШ - Кукла колдуна
  • КиШ - Кукла Колдуна
  • КиШ - Кукла Колдуна
  • КиШ - Кукла колдуна
  • КиШ - Кукла колдуна
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Eenie meanie minie
Thank God it's Friday
Please don't ask me for my ID
If I'm in your iTunes library
Got my own book in my library
My mansion is so tidy
My neighbours hate my mistress cause she never wear no nighties
I go Claridges to do high tea
Jordan's on like Spike Lee
I'm high end, you're high street
Swagger jacking my stylee
When I was a kid I used to save up for my Nikes
Now all these little kids is try'na save up for my Nikes


Sharing clothes, that's trampy
Splitting bills, that's trampy
All this hanky panky, now her hand prints on my Banksy
I'm just strictly speaking, Anne Frankly
All my girls is fancy
In a white Ferrari Spider
Rollung with Anansi, Diplo to disco
She sniff -- woah
She gwan like she Ri Ri
Wine to Calypso
She ask me if I'm single
I said "maybe, I think so
I can't concentrate, when that thong's on like Sisqo"


First of all I'm swagging
Two girls with me so I'm bragging
So much money in my pocket
My pants might be sagging
My car might be tinted
My weed might be scented
My girl might be bow legged
Her friend might be with her
Gold Roley on when I perform
Ring ring -- Mobile Phone
The way it's going off
It must be on
Till the break of dawn, party like rock stars
We don't stop till we see the fucking cop cars

Tan 'til her skin peel off, tangerine
Then she vogue
Then she vogue
Agyness Deyn
On your marks get set go (red, amber, green)
Sydney, what's going down
New York, what's going down
LA, what's going down
Vegas, what's going down
Dublin, what's going down
Paris, what's going down
Lagos, what's going down
Oslo, what's going down
Toronto, what's going down
Stockholm, what's going down
Berlin, what's going down
Johannesburg, what's going down
Tokyo, what's going down
Rio, what's going down
Beijing, what's going down
London, what's going down