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I irritate your nerves,
You're trying to avoid me,
My hands are in handcuffs,
You’re just playing with me.
You’re making it fun,
You catch my attention.

You get used to hurt.
You prefer the violence.
Without words.
Kill me with your silence,
You see my nerves,
I live in tension.

May be I'm insane.
Burning up your brain.
But baby, I'm invisible.
For you I'm invisible.

All I try to say.
Goes in other way.
Baby, I'm invisible
For you I'm invisible.

I was waiting for rain,
In the hot desert,
My heart was dry,
And mixed with dirt.
Loked walls,
Even when I go out.

I wish I were gone.
I wish I’d never known you.
I’m sitting alone.
I’m trying to forget you.
Time has stopped
And I have stopped with it