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The tour is over and I'm goin' home
Home to my baby, the bike of my own
So good to hear her, so nice and so clean
Hard to believe it, she's just like a dream

We're drivin' out to the countryside
Buy a sixpack we've got the time
I'm gonna tell my girl to move
'cause I´ve got real love to prove

Anytime I wanna, everytime I can
I'll escape on my Harley-Davidson
Anytime I wanna, everytime I can
I'll escape on the highway

Gonna get married as soon as we can
When I tell the church, the shit hits the fan
I'm gonna buy her all the gas she needs
Fill her up with lve, burning on the wheels

We're drivin' out to the countryside
Makin' love in the morning light
Don't have to pray for her to stay
'cause I´ve got my bike anyway


Fire !

plop !