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So one of us has to go, we know

One of us, yeah

Come out, it's time to go

And was the spotlight

Up above you

Shining so bright

A searchlight, signaling

Ahh, yeeaahh.

And as the storm

Rolls in a-yea-yeaahhh

Leave it all within

I guess there's a first time for everything

It was the spotlight

Up above you

Shining so bright, A searchlight, signaling

Ohh, yeahhh

Now where the hell, does it go

And was the road too long

It was the spotlight

Up above you

Shining so bright

A searchlight


To bring you home

Always warning

You'd found the love of your life.

Did ya need it, did ya want it

Did ya find him

Did ya need it

And where the hell, did ya, go

And was the road, too long