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The way them gal ya look so pretty, full a witty
Them no gritty me hafi put them pon me bookshelf
Yes, a no one a di whole committee inna the city them ya kitty
Mi naah go share them with nobody else, yes

So any time mia bore them, a sametime me adore them
When mi rip off them negligee
And from once mi can afford them, then me ago sport them
Put them all pon display

A so them nice mi caan ignore them, so affi tour them
Take them all over to L.A.
Then mi ago score them, anytime mi lure them
Fi a drive along the freeway

Mi very picky when mi choose them, who no good me loose them
When mi a run mi survey
And before mi go bruise them, tek them out and cruise them
Inna mi yacht along the bay

'Cause me know me enthused them, and me amuse them
With mi lyrical display
Same time me naah confuse them, the Doctor naah abuse them
A pure loving without delay

Yes mi love how dem dweet, senoritas look petite
When me a mek a drive through
The way how them complete and them look so sweet
Me haffi live pon dem avenue

Nuff gal a kiss dem teeth 'cause them caan compete
When them a walk inna crew
So the way how me see it, mek them move to me beat
And then them wi stick like glue