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U run it rich, that carburetor*
U gotta open, open that choke.
‘Cause when you're here, the air it won't clear.
And u just blowin', just blowin' smoke.

U got a blue feather bird on a golden swing.
It wears a ruby tipped crown but it don't sing.
U keep bringin' me gifts like it ain't no thing
but I thought u said goodbye.
I thought u let; let that bird fly. (there it goes)

Baby, I can't wash you clean.
U got a match, well I got the gasoline.
Baby, redemption ain't free.
U gonna need more than u can get from me.
This river's dry. Baby, can't wash u clean.

U gotta a new monkey bangin' some tambourine.
It's got some big button eyes; it's made of velveteen.
U just want me to know u got all you need.
but am I OK alone?
cause here's a monkey
if I need company; (nice monkey)

U comin' over like u was clover.
I'm gonna cut it with my lawnmower.
U knockin' at my, my door all tangled.
Your guilty conscience wrapped ‘round your ankles.
I see you draggin' it ‘cross my floor now.
U feelin' better. I'm feelin', I'm feelin' worse now.