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Everywhere I see your faces, Everywhere you sing your smile and, Everytime you're not around, It doesn't matter, 'Cause you're everywhere to me.

Everyone you've ever known counts on you, Waits for you, To come through.
Don't you know that you're gonna break through

And everywhere you came and left, You came in the name of love and, Left a wake of happiness and tenderness, And sweet conflict, sweet conflict.

You hang around, You come on down, You come on down, And it's on and on and on and on, It's on.
It goes on.

You hang around, You come on down, But you don't come down.

Whispering, Whispering, Whispering your name.
You're everywhere, everywhere, everywhere, To me.
Everywhere, everywhere, everywhere, To me.

Calling, Calling, I'm calling your number, Calling, I'm calling your number, Calling, I'm calling your number, Calling your number, I'm calling your number, Calling, You're everywhere, You're everywhere to me.
Everywhere to me