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Almighty So
Turn up

I'm screamin please dope me, swisher blunts my protein
Ash it, ash it, we all smoking loud.
Boy you gettin' salty, go get you some money
Cash it, cash it, we all ballin' out
Boy, you can't hold me
Ask the opps who know me
Blast him, blast him, they all fallin down
All I sip is codeine
6 my 24 please
Im leanin, Im leanin, til I fall out.

My earlobes please, earlobes please, check out my earlobes please
They shinin, these diamonds, they cost more then your house
Kobe, Kobe, I'm balling like I'm Kobe
I took my team wit me now all of us ballin out
Throwing, throwing, this cash I am throwing
I'm in the strip club and it's just me and Ballout
I'm rolling, I'm rolling, I'm in my Rari rolling
I'm too hot for these bitches, I make these bitches fall out
Geekers, Geekers, all these bitches geekers
You know I'mma freak her when I flame up this reefer
Deeper, deeper, she swallow my shit deeper
When she first seen me that bitch damn near caught a seizure