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We fell in love
Right by the ocean
Made all our plans
Down on the sand

[Verse 1: Coasts]

And from the tips of your fingers
Down to the soles of your feet
A glimmer in your skin
That I can't believe
And take a trip to the sea
Let your hair run, run free
You're a rebel in disguise
Is that the devil in your eyes

[Hook: Coasts] x2

[Verse 2: Coasts]

Wider smiles than I've ever seen
Your little arms hug your body
This is more than I can take
You're the fruit that I can taste
You only seek what you give away
You'll only speak what you wanna say
You ululate like a warrior
I'll make you shake like your bed girl

[Hook: Coasts] x2

[Chorus: Coasts]

This is our garden girl
We live in a fractured world
Willing to be the same
Same as it always was
We're in a rapture girl
We live in a lonely world
Willing to be the same
Same as it always was

[Hook: Coasts] x2