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"Never Know"

[Chorus 2X]
You never know
I just might die tonight so lets get hight tonight
Might try to fight, some mothers cry tonight
Cig in my right hand cause you hold tight to life
But you ain't a bright man

[Verse One]
You know I live with the biggest hitters, crime committers
And bull shitters
Never had a quitter come with us
Who had the jitters sine some bitter tasting minute
I spit it for those who did it
Like a soldier so committed to winning
You never know who you running with nigga
Who you gunning with, who you thugging with
In times of struggle shit
Never be blinded by diamonds they signin for weak nigga
No sign of loyalty in anything you speak
You never know
You're breakable, celebrated but fadeable
You're biodegradeable
You just might die tonight
Get out of my sight cause
You ain't even know theres your fight

[Chorus 2X]

[Verse Two]
I been through the scandal and handled them better than other vandals
Hearing insane rambles saying that lifes a gamble
Praying for just a sample in amble times
To trample, example
Enemies who shit they need a pamper
You never know
Every thug nigga living his life
Giving his life meaning
Haters in the wings, they feeling their pride stinging
We here, death knocking its schocking
We keep it popping homey
We never stopping we keeping all you bitches dropping homey
You never know
I can see through and he got an evil intent
I'm gonna see to him
I think you all got the message its a hard lesson
Yo aye you go to pray to god stressing

[Chorus 2X]