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Тут отображается текст песни

I&#39;LL SHIT ON YOU...Da da..da da..
I&#39;LL SHIT ON YOU...Da da..da da..
I&#39;LL SHIT ON YOU...Da da..da da..
I&#39;LL SHIT ON YOU...Da da..da da..
I&#39;LL SHIT ON YOU...I will shit on you
I&#39;LL SHIT ON YOU...Girl you know
I&#39;LL SHIT ON YOU...Bitch or men
I&#39;LL SHIT ON YOU...I will shit on you

I remain fatter than gluttony
Tapin&#39; bombs on the back of record companies (uh huh)
blow &#39;em up if they ain&#39;t wantin&#39; me
The national guard- they scared of huntin&#39; me
I love beef- I got your hoe duckin&#39; me
A drug thief- Bitch I&#39;ll take your marijuana
These slugs will keep your ass away from my corner
I drown niggaz in hundred degree saunas
You can act if fool if you wanna- BIATCH
It&#39;s this lyrical piranha- strapped with a grenade in a pool with yo&#39; mama
attack her by the legs and pull her to the bottom
Twit lettin&#39; up like a condom
Slappin&#39; if you fuckas got a problem
When I see &#39;em- you hoes endin&#39; up in a fuckin&#39; mausoleum
or hidden in a trunk of a black and gold BM
Pull in a garage while you screamin&#39;
keep the motor on and I&#39;m leavin&#39;

[Chorus: Eminem]
I will shit on you I don&#39;t care who you are- I&#39;LL SHIT ON YOU
I don&#39;t give a fuck a-bout you or your car- I&#39;LL SHIT ON YOU
Fuck your house, fuck your jewelry and fuck your watch- I&#39;LL SHIT ON YOU
Fuck your wife, fuck your kids, fuck your family
I&#39;ll shhh...

I&#39;m an alcholic- where&#39;s the fuckin&#39; toilet
Pass the hot dog (Bizarre, aren&#39;t you Islamic?)
Bitch shut your fuckin&#39; mouth
I&#39;ma keep eating &#39;till Richard Simmonds comes to my house
with a chainsaw to cut me out (my house, my house)
Aww fuck your wife- I had sex since I met her
Too busy fuckin&#39; your twelve year old baby sitter (ha ha ha)
And all women ain&#39;t SHIT
Only good for cooking cleaning and sucking dick- And that&#39;s it (I said it)
I&#39;m responsible for killing John Candy
Got JonBennet Ramsey in my &#39;98 Camry (she&#39;s lost)
I don&#39;t give a fuck who you are
I&#39;ll shit on anybody
Truly yours- The Idoitic Bizarre

My adolescent years weren&#39;t shit to wait I do know
I never grew up- I was born grown and grew down
The older I get- the dumber the shit I get in
The more ignorant the incident is- I fit in
Ignorin&#39; the shit? How boring it gets when there&#39;s no one to hit
I don&#39;t know when to quit throwin&#39; a fit (nope)
I know I&#39;m a bit flaky- but they make me
It&#39;s they who hate me and say they can takee (c&#39;mon)
It&#39;s they whose legs I break and make achey
It&#39;s they who mistake me make me so angry (urgh)
I&#39;ll spit on you
Start pissin&#39; and do the opposite on you
You weren&#39;t listenin&#39;- I said I&#39;ll cop a squad on you
Start spillin&#39; my guts like chicken cordeu bleu and straight shit
like Notorious BIG did to that bitch on the skit on his last album
Pull my pants down and...


[Kon Artis:]
Is Richard Pryor still alive?
If not I&#39;m sicker than he was prior to him dyin&#39; (WHAT?!)
Born brainless this steel ain&#39;t stainless
Your blood stains all over this steel god-dangit
Bitch bring it!
These niggaz that I hang with&#39;ll hang u up naked by your ankles dangling
But need I stay straight when I don&#39;t need your help
If you won&#39;t gimmie ya pussy I&#39;ll unloosen my belt and (I&#39;LL SHIT ON YOU)
I bet your daddy&#39;s not, your momma&#39;s kinda caught, your sister&#39;s chin crushed
Ya aunt supply ya rocks
Buck fifty &#39;cross your neck
Blow up your tech
I&#39;ll beat you across your chest

Yo It&#39;s only right I jack the car keys and run
Spent all of my advancements on weed and guns
For fun when I&#39;m drunk I run a truck through the weed