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I wanna take this money, get out of town, Buy some time, we can make it somehow!
Waiting for a dream to come around
You know me better than that, Baby I’m not down, down, down!

I left a letter for my sister, and a bottle full of booze
One day I’m gonna love you, too
But for now I’m running oh, I’m running south, south, south!

You say you better have a way back home
But I know they won’t forget my name back home
Cause they know I’m running oh, I’m running south!

Can you see it on my face, small town girl, never knew my place
So I got first and lined for the race, People telling me to let your dreams go to waste, waste, waste, waste
But what are dreams if you never sleep
Now my dreams are life, and this life is sweet
Trippin’ in the lights, a piece of the pie
I think I need a slice, slice, slice, slice

How can I be lost in the dark
I thought I was walking on stars, And even if I wanted took a stop
I can’t go back home, cause I came this far, So can you see it on my face, man
Are you amazed, the way I make magic in a wasteland
Los Angeles, California
I love you bitch, let me lick you and put a stamp upon you!
A flower blooms, then a bug eats it
I heard a rumor, should I feed it
I got a secret, can you keep it
Shht! Listen, listen, listen!