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Let us pray
I thank you Lord for my birth, and everything that's followed
I thank you Lord for today, and I will pray for tomorrow
I thank you Lord for the love of my life and a friend
I mad a promise-and I'm loving my wife till the end
I thank you Lord for you guidance, 'cause it's all that counts
And right here, right now? Lord, this is your house
I thank you Lord for a dream that came true to light
And I ask you to bless everybody in this room tonight
I don't always do the right thing, and I ask you to forgive me
'Cause I need you here with me
Without you in my life, it's empty
I think back how some people did me like violence was the remedy
And because I think of of that now, I pray for my enemy
Not because of what I'll do, but because they don't know
There's something better after here, but everybody won't go
So I ask you to forgive them, and we'll hope they see
And I thank you for the love that they've given to me
I will not abuse it, nor will I lead them astray
You see I love 'em like children that I see every day
And I pray...No, we pray together
If you get us throught the bad weather, and we love you forever
Let your thought and my heart go hand in hand
I first thought "But to start?" But I stand a man
And for as long as I can, as long as you permit me
Please give me the strength I need to live
Bear with me