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  • Deftones - What Happened To You (Acapella)
  • Deftones - What Happened To You (Koi No Yokan)
  • Steven Senisi - Deftones - What Happened To You (Cover)
  • Deftones - What Happened To You (Emil Berger's Vocal Cover)
  • Deftones - What Happened to You (Koi No Yokan Guitar Cover)
  • Art Pepper - Everything Happens to Me
  • Days Away - It Happens
  • Ocean Sunrise - Nothing Bad Happens (Demo)
  • Barbara Rosene - It Could Happen To You
  • Pastor Chris - Why Bad Things Happen To Good People
  • Mr Hudson & The Library - Everything Happens to Me
  • Deftones - Caress (Bonus Itunes)
  • Glee Cast - Anything Could Happen (Ellie Goulding cover)
  • �Deftones - �Prince
  • Chuckie feat. Gregor Salto - What Happens In Vegas (Pierce)
  • Peter Brown & Jay C - Make It Happen (Original Mix)
  • Gwen Stacy - What Will Happen If I Hit Enter
  • Kn0t - Sextape of deftones
  • Timid Tiger - Ina Meena Dika (It's Happening Now)
  • Herman`s Hermits - Something`s Happening
  • Chuckie & Gregor Salto - What Happens In Vegas (Magic Sound Remix)
  • Deftones - Christmas
  • Smutty and Funky - You Know It's Happening (Olliver March Remix)
  • As It Happens from CBC Radio - As It Happens for Tuesday, October 25, 2011 Syria Torture - Amnesty Turkey Earthquake
  • Mouth & MacNeal - It Happened Long Ago
  • Too Short - What Happened to the Groupies
  • Fuck Pony - I Know It Happened feat Chela
  • Perfect music - Chuckie ft gregor salto - what happens in vegas
  • Forty Cent Fix - Like I Told You The Last Time, It Won't Happen Again
  • Ellie Goulding - Anything Could Happen (Birdy Nam Nam Remix)
  • Glee Cast - Whatever Happened To Saturday Night (Acapella)
  • Carlos Santana feat. Michael Jackson - Whatever happens МИНУС
  • Kelis - Something Happened on the Way to Heaven
  • Monkeyworks - Whatever Happened To Talbert Clayton On Gilbert Drive
  • Ready To Sing - I Just Feel Like Something Good Is About To Happen with Get All Excited
  • Deftones - Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away)
  • Green, Johnny - You Hate Me/What Did I Do Wrong /Where Is Susanna /Where Is That Doll /It's Happened
  • Robert Pattinson - Lullbaye Being made of stone will make you strong, But I've been alone for oh so long. Then there you were, a silent mind, With beauty that I thought I'd never find Something strange is happening and I don't know what to do I haven
  • Less Than Jake - Look What Happened The Last Time
  • Tame Impala - Nothing That Has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Could Control

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