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You are welcome to pay in Dollar nor Pounds
Deutsch Mark, Swedish Crowns
Cash money

Cash money is the root of all evil
With cash money you can get anywhere you want
You are welcome to pay in Dollar nor Pounds
Swiss Francs, Deutsch Mark, Swedish Crowns
Ha ha with credit cards of course
In times of inflation and hard times
The only answer is a thing, cash money
Here's my money put it in your pocket
Use it well, feel like you're living
Don't you advertise it, remember it
Cause in hard time you need some money
No cash money mi say no Biz

Cash money
Cash money money
Cash money
Cash money money

This one for the posse in the society
Save some more cash money in case of hard times
Cause the bank will deny you inna dis a time
Oh money, money, money
Cause this money is a big problem
You can't get nowhere without no Dollars
If you want to got to toilet — pay some money
money, money, money,money,cash money
You are welcome to pay in Dollar nor Pounds
Ha Ha credit cards of course
Here's my pocket, come and take some monay
No cash money mi say no Biz

Cash money
Cash money money
Cash money
Cash money money