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Future Woman
Sexy planet.
Future woman
Sexy Rocket.
Future woman
Steel you are.

Electric woman
Please give us your fantastic blood.
Supersonic woman
Tu as le mot magique.
Magnetic woman
Montre nous tes yeux
Your beautiful eyes
Make us know you're shining
through the ice
Through the ice.

Future woman
Sexy planet.
Future woman
Sexy Rocket.
Future woman
Steel you are.

Electric woman
Du spricht fur ein radiostation
Supersonic love
Of Venus road.
Magnetic woman
Du kusst alle Soldaten
Mistery woman montre nous comment
tu rages
Dans les etoiles, etoiles, etoiles. etoiles.

Six, five, four, three, two, one, zero.

Future woman
Sexy planet
Future woman
Sexy Rocket.
Future woman
Steel you are.