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I can still remember
When you came into my life
The days seem to be longer
Because we kissed away the night
Now I am painting pictures
Of the moments that we've touched
It's all in my head and I can't forget
The feeling doesn't fade away

Now you leave me standing
And I'm drowning in my pain
And it's still so hard to face it
It will never be the same

Your love's like paradise
But so hard to realize
That your love isn't true
Lost my faith in you
And now there's nothing left to lose
I'm in love with a fallin angel
My fallin angel

You fooled me with your passion
Left your poison in my vains
There's no chance to defend me
And it's driving me insane
You are acting like a fairy
You make my wish come true
Then you turn into a devil
And break my heart in two