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Strong and wrong
You win only because
That's the way it's always been
Men love war

That's what history's for
A mass murder mystery
His story

Strong and wrong
You lose everything
Without the heart
You need to hear a robin sing

Where have all the songbirds gone?
Gone, all I hear are crows in flight
Singing, might is right
Might is right

The dawn of man comes slow
Thousands of years
And here we are still worshiping
Our own egos

Strong and wrong
What is God's will?
Onward Christian soldiers
Or thou shall not kill
But men love war

Is that what God is for
Just a rabbit's foot, just a lucky paw
For shock and awe
Shock and awe?

The dawn of man comes slow
Thousands of years
Here we are still worshiping
Our own egos

Strong and wrong
Strong and wrong