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  • Madonna - 4 Minutes (Feat. Justin Timberlake And Timbaland)

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Baby! why are you doing this to me?
Sweetheart! Are those your eyes staring straight back at me?
Angel! I see your smile everywhere!
Darling! stoooop!

Night falls and Im running in circles
I`m being chased by my imagination

Tell me I`m forgiven say you`ll always be mine
Say that everything is over, tell me I`m fine...
No one deserves to live like this!

Tell me I`m forgiven say you`ll always be mine
Say that everything is over, tell me I`m fine...
No one deserves to live like this!

I touch your lips and stare in your eyes
You smile and it makes me fly
You are the reason my heart beats
Tonight it's just you and me...

Night as dark as my thoughts sets the scene for my return
Lightning nips at my heels as I race home
Wearily I stagger towards the song of her pale voice
Demons jeer my attempt to be free

Windows cast her gentle reflection
Her somber silhouette dances for me
Dear God, it's her!

Look at you, you miserable fool!
Get off your knees, your prayers fall upon deaf ears
Gods turned his back on you, heavens gates are shut
And now youre knocking on the devils door!

I`ve been expecting you for some time, sir
Allow me to introduce myself
I`m the one who pulls on all the strings, son
Youre lucky I don`t kill you where you stand!

Tonight I raise my glass for I know its time to move on
This cant be real. Theres nothing left.
My patience will not last, tomorrow I will be gooone...