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  • KEITH SWEAT - Can We Make Love
  • Keith Sweat - Can We Make Love
  • Keith Sweat - Can we make love
  • Keith Sweat - Can We Make Love

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Yaaaaah, yah, yah, yah yah...
ohh ohh.. talk to me
come into my bedroom
come on, come on, come into my bedroom
yaaah, do you remember, the time we spent lovin each other
how much it meant, you'd said we'd never, never inteand to fall apart
but you left me, you really broke my hear
i tried to play you
but you played me first
it was so foolish oh how it hurt
i thinka bot you, each and every day
ohhh babym, hear these words i say
can we make love for old time sake
i remember girl the love we used to make
you were mine before you were his
bring it on bring it on bring it on

as i sit and whipe my eyes
i begin to question why
ask myself what went wrong
why we didn't last for long
you blame me and i blame you
there was nothin left to do
if we woulda thought it out
we prolly coulda worked it out
now you don't belong to me
i think about you constantly
what am i supposed to do
i musta been a damn fool
to let your lovin slip away
i think about you everyday
i must have been crazy... to let you get away
he don't love you right
i know he don't hold you tight
girl i know what you like
oh yeah...
can we make love
can we make love
caaaan we make looove
come on, come on