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Тут отображается текст песни

First off, haters Fuck 'em
No bedtime stories but you know somebody tuckin'
As my dough gets nice they just come by the dozen
But them hoes still love me like my name John Tucker

'Bout to serve these niggas
But I ain't the butler
They just look like fools (food )
So I treat em like supper

What it is... what's up
We're talking slick like butter
Cause my name my ring bells, let me in bzz... buzzer
For I kick in the door like the...

Nine o'clock tea time
No I never punched out so I don't got free time
Takin' straight shots at niggas think that I need...
Gotta list fulla haters get behind the line.

With my middle fingers up and it's an obvious sign
That I ain't even transform in my optomus prime
What I do they gon' do like bin laden is high
When I come through you know it's going down bitch sly

We rollin' up that sticky icky
Feel like my shit slime
Everywhere we go we smell like prime
I'm fly yah two z's from heaven
When you see me in the club it's 2k11
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And how dare a muthafucker say my flow is elementary
I could really give two f's like fendi
We ain't goin' nowhere
Nigga see you in a century
Yeah I been in the hood please go all the way to century
I'm a real muthafucker and you just a mirage
Three blunts in the air you could call it a minage
On my passport swag, bookin' shows in mulan
And I ain't even got a deal but my hand is lookin' strong
And I ain't done tryin' to write more songs than songs
Thank God that I'm alive
Praise 'em up they long crash landed in the game bout to call 'em out home
Can't nobody tell me what I did wrong.

But they say that I'm insane
A little crazy, bitch I'm gettin' paid
Money never change me, I put that on the range and that mercedes jukin in my lane
But you chase me
Baby I'm insane
A little crazy bitch I'm gettin' paid
Money never change me, I put that on the range and that mercedes jukin in my lane
But you chase me if you wanna
But I'm a goner
Yeah, I said I'm a goner.