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Call him Mr Raider, call him Mr Wrong, call him Mr Vain,
Call him Mr Raider, call him Mr Wrong, call him insane,
He'd say : I know what I want, and I want it now
I want you, cause I'm Mr Vain
I know what I want, and I want it now
I want you, cause I'm Mr Vain

Call me Raider, call me Wrong,
Call me insane, call me Mr Vain,
Call me what ya like,
As long as you call me, time and again
Feel the presence of the aura of the man none to compare
Loveless dying for a chance
Just to touch a hand, or a moment to share
Can't deny the urge that makes them want to lose themselves
To the debonair one
Hold me back the simple fact is that I'm all that,
And I'm always near
One sexy can't perplex me now, you know who's raw,
As if you didn't know before
I know what I want, and I want it now : I want you,
Then I want a little more.

Girls are all over the world,
They hope and pray and die for men like me
Cause I'm the one begotten son that breaks the mold
Get a look at the male epitome
Style has never seen that makes you want to grab and hold
And squeeze real tight
Who's gonna be the one to save you from yourself,
When you wanna take a bite
Please oh baby please,
You beg, you want to say you got to get some caught up in the charm
That I laid on thick, and now there's nowhere to run
Just another fish to on the hook of my lines yeah I keep many
Females longing for a chance to win my heart with S-E-X and plenty