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Lil' Wayne
Ha ha
Uhh, man fuck them bitches and them hoes
And them niggas pussies, camel toes
I got some money on me and the weed nice
My shit won’t ever stop, suck my green light
Bitch it’s Carter 4, murder’s all she wrote
Now it’s fuck everybody like a Scorpio
Still running shit, I’m on my cardio
Boy I’m going in, like my water broke
Suicide note, suicide doors
I put in overtime, like a tied score
Tinted windows bitch, that mean mind yours
And the weed loud, like a lion’s roar
Stare into the eyes, the eyes of forever
Hear no evil, see no evil, Helen Keller
No music on, rock it a-capella
And I don’t need a watch, the time is now or never
Tell my niggas love, I die behind this shit
A nigga countin’ money, you niggas counterfeit
Real nigga, nigga, proud of what I am
Young money is an army, bitch I’m Uncle Sam
Them hoes call me Tunechi, mama call me Tune
I left the bullshit, in the waiting room
Straight to the money, no short cuts
Now watch me go retarded, yellow short bus
We do drive-bys, we do walk-ups and bitch I be so high, I get starstruck
Millz in this bitch he said fuck them hoes
And the jewelry bright, like summer clothes
And I keep some bud like Rudy Huxtable
I’m bout to slam the beat, nigga, Dusty Rhodes
I’m from Eagle street, I go Hercules
I get on the beat, murder 1st degree
YMCMB, we don’t give a fuck
You faker than some titties, you get tittie fucked
This the best-worst feeling and nigga if I die I die a death worth living
This that textbook G shit
I’ve been in that water but I’ve never been seasick
Knock me I knock ya face off, life’s a crazy bitch, Grace Jones
Mind of a genius, with a heart of stone
C4, Mr. Carter’s home!