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[Chorus 2x]
Will you rep your side (I rep mine)
Do you run your side (I run mine)
Will you fight for your hood (I'll fight for mine)
Will you die for your hood (I'll die for mine)

[Verse 1]
I'm representin' a small dangerous hood in Memphis Tennessee
Where the criminals come out during the day with their skis
It's a well known fact there's a few restricted areas
Just don't wanna get caught slippin' cuz you will be buried bra
Or maybe even burned alive now a day's these suckas are very sick
That's why I keep my .40 on me and they fuck us very quick
Don't matter if our city's shitty and it's only getting worse
I rep my city till my city puts me in a fuckin hearse
I've always been a proud Memphian a tigers fan and now we've won the Oscar
They broke 20 records in college basketball
So you can say we ain't behind nobody else we're still not at the front
I put on for my city but first I gotta smoke this fuckin blunt

[Chorus 2x]

[Verse 2]
I put in work in the M I enjoy livin in the M
While Paul and Juicy in California I still hold it down for them
I'm a Tiger a Grizzlie a Titan I'm even a redbird
Pay attention with your eyes and don't listen to what cha head heard
I have lived in my city for 26 years
I've been through all the roughest hoods and I've never had to show fear
I get high drink beer with all my rowdy ass friends
We kick ass and take names and hope the party never ends
Cuz I'm gonna rep and I'm gonna ride and I will fight and I will die
For the place that made me who I am today
And that's why I gotta give my thanks to Memphis Tennessee
For breeding me and leading me
To some of the shit I still really can't believe I've seen

[Chorus 2x]