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She used to think for everyone except herself
asked anyone if they agreed with her
was too unsure to make decisions
because she didn't wanna let somebody down
but now it's time to set course for self determination

go on, go on
just listen to your feelings
go on, go on
it is what it means to be living
go on, go on
if you wait to long
because you're scared to do wrong
somebody else will come and take your place
and you will end up stuck in the crossing

she used to go where they wanted her to go
she used to think what they wanted her to think
content to see satisfaciton of another
she forgot about her plans
but now it's time head for self realization


in all probabilty she'd need a bit of vanity
little girl - look for yourself!
finally you gotta stop sacrifice yourself
saving everybody else and later you're in agony
they're all so selfish, sad but true:
you need to learn this too