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Love Song
written by Madonna and Prince
Je suis prete. Est-ce que vous etes pret, aussi

Are you wasting my time, are you just being kind
Oh no baby my love isn't blind
Are you wasting my time, are you just being kind
Don't go givin' me one of your lines

Say what you mean, mean what you say
Don't go and throw our love away
God strike me dead if I did you wrong
This is not a love song

Are you just being kind
Am I losing my mind

Time goes by so slowly for those who wait
And those who run seem to have all the fun
But are you wasting my time - she's so fine
Are you just being kind

Nowhere to run nowhere to hide
That's how I feel, don't fog my mind

Mean what you say or baby I am gone
This is not a love song

Are you just being kind
Am I losing my mind

Love song, love song
Don't try to tell me what your enemies taught you
I'm gone but I just want you to know
That this is not a love song that I want to sing

MADONNA interview from a magazine called "Song Talk"-she discusses Prince's involvement in her 'Like A Prayer' album

Interviewer: You and Prince wrote "Love Song" together, which is a wonderful song. Did you and he work together or did he give you a track

Madonna: No, he didn’t give me a track. We sat down and just started fooling around. We had a lot of fun. What happened is that he played the drums and I played the synthesizer and we came up with the original melody line; I just, off the top of my head, started singing lyrics into the microphone. And then he overdubbed some guitar stuff and made a loop of it and sent it to me, and then I just started adding sections to it and singing parts to it. And then I sent it back to him, and he’d sing a part to it and add another instrument and send it back to me…it was like this sentence that turned into a paragraph that turned into a little miniseries. So it was great. It was a completely different way to work. And because of our schedules and everything, and he was in Minnesota and he likes to work there and I like to work here. So we kind of sent it back and forth. He’s great. He’s a real interesting…unique talent.

Interviewer: And it was an easy connection from the beginning for the two of you

Madonna: Yeah, it was. We started out being real admirers of each other’s work. And, you know, we’re already successful so we didn’t have to prove anything to each other. We were on the same level. And I don’t think he’s had that same opportunity with other people that he’s worked with. Because generally he tends to dominate everything.

Interviewer: "Act of Contrition, " the closing track of Like a Prayer, has backwards masking and other mysterious elements. Did he have anything to do with that one as well The credits only say, "Produced by the powers that be."

Madonna: Yeah, he did. He played guitar on it. He also played guitar on "Keep it Together."

Interviewer: I noticed on "Act of Contrition" that you have the choir from "Like a Prayer" reversed on that.

Madonna: Yeah, we turned the tape and played everything backwards.

Interviewer: Your idea

Madonna: Yeah. And then, of course, the whole thing, the saying of the prayer (on "Act of Contrition") and everything, that was totally conceived of in the studio, in the control room. Pat put out a microphone, and I just started fooling around; and that was free-form, too. Whatever was on my head. It’s totally unedited.

Interviewer: You, Prince and Michael Jackson were all born in the same year, 1958

Madonna: I know. Isn’t that weird And I think Michael’s birthday is right near mine, in August…there are so many Leos in my life. I’m August 16.