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Intro: sometimes even when you feel like giving up, you just got a live on

Verse I
It all started at the age of 18
Just a young kid out chasing a dream
Streets was the hang out, every day kicked out
Caught by security telling us to get out
New route to the mall or my mom’s house
Girls would call just to talk or to hang out
Good food, BBQ, playing halo 2
I’m living proof of a dream come true
I remember taking pics of the city life, seen a guy get his lights knocked out and out of sight, it all happened so fast we heard cops sound, this is a story of a kid from the down town.

I grew up on the north side east side, No gang signs yo we only through high 5’s
Skateboarder faith in Jehovah
Stayed sober skate straight ye little soldier
The takeover GO trains to great culture
Range rovers ride down to California
I’m rolling with my God to a different lifestyle, chic, chic blow
Who would a thought I’d be down
Looking at my life now it’s all good understood
Where I’m going and Japan’s my new Hollywood
A new look in my eyes but not dollar signs
I thank God that he wiped away the hard times

Live on
I know I can move on
I got to dream it, live on!!
I know where I belong
Come on and sing it, live on!!

I know I can move on
I still believe it live on!!
I know I can be strong
Come on and sing it, live on!!!

Break Down
It’s been over like 10 years now since I started music and, I never would
Of thought I’d be travelling around the globe, seeing all these different cultures
and people, its crazy
Verse II
All I know is I’m a keep on rocking it
Walking with a head strong full of confidence
I used to sing in the bathroom only
Now I sing at the shows with my hommies
Get back, to back to back to basics
Where I laced it, its dedicated
To all the haters hit record you’ll want to tape this
Patience pays I stay on your station
Made in Eden cause seeing ain’t believing
Speaking into being higher levels of freedom
Can’t take the glory cause son it’s not my story
He told me to say it, I’m his hands do it for me

I’ve been alone, now I’m living on, living strong
Singing on, hey, hey let it come
I’ve been alone, now I’m living on, living strong
Singing on, hey, hey let it come

Chorus Repeats

If you got a dream in your heart than say, HEYYYY eh Ohhh
If you got a vision in your mind than say, HEYYYY eh, Ohhh
If you wanna live on, than let me hear say HEYYYY eh Ohhhh
If you got a dream in your heart than say, HEYYYY eh Ohhh