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Watch em, watch 'em
Catch em, catch 'em
Oh God (2x)

watch em watch em, catch them catch em OH God who you want food oh god who you want yam, Everything you do now we don't see before, You ting that we dey play is destined to fail
We no say our battle is spirtual one, spirtual one in high and low places (bible references)
Dey(they) say everything for the tief (thief) whatdey for the owner (what is there for the owner)
Say the light will not shine without darkness
God say the truth will be revealed, and the world must be seen on revelation day, I'm not supposed to tell you, you no be small peckin, (I shouldn't have to tell you this you're not a child, you're grown)
If you kill person share the blood on your hand


You be walking away going astray facing the world with a camouflage face
Oh let them see who you are, who is to judge when we all dwell in sin
Walking away going astray, Facing the world with a camouflage face, Oh let them see who you are, Not one not one Free from within

Now we're free from sin, now we're without blame
But we've chosen to live, to walk in the ways of Jah (God)

Beware of wolves in sheep, clothing, all those who smile in you're face and will sell your trust
Like Judas and Jesus, They will sit by you're table and try to take your place, As you turn your back they'll set you with a man or woman, You must stay alive