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The state of madness is where I find myself
Freedom is helpless, 'cos I'm captured within myself
It is all in my mind, the illusion, that your presence don't count
But it is a lie

Please stay
Please stay
Please stay
Please stay

I enter the dark, approach the silence
I have given and so I am empty
Can't keep the tears from my eyes
You don't know what I feel
You don't know what I feel, what I feel, captive

Please stay
Please stay
Please stay
Please stay

The loneliness inside of me, because I fell for you, you left me?
This world that I love and hate so much
This life in which I have lost and I gained as such
The music the fame, the evil the shame,
The changes, the results, the aggression the insults
Still I wait I try to exercise the patience
And yet delayed I pray for you to see my conscience,
Who would be there, if you left me Lord
I believe in your words 'cos your first and my last, say it is a trial, say it is a test
I need to understand to overcome the rest
Got too many rivers to cross, too many things to see, so much pain to bear this misery
Oh Lord, oh Savior, let me drown in your love

Please stay
Please stay
Please stay
Please stay