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I just don't understand
Why you runnin from a good man baby
Why you wanna turn your back on love, why you've already given up
See i know you been hurt before but i swear i'll give you so much more
I swear i'll never let you down, cuz i swear its you that i adore &
I can't help myself babe, cuz i think about you constantly & my heart gets no
Rest over

You can call me selfish but all i want is your love
You can call me hopless baby cuz i'm hopelessly in love
You can call me imperfect, but whose perfect tell me what do i gotta do to
That i'm the only one for you....so whats wrong with being selfish...yea yea yea

I'll be taking up ya time till the day i make u realize (realize) that for you
Their could be
No one else i just gotta have you for myself, baby i would take good care of
You no
Matter what it is you're going through, i'll be there for you when you're in
Need, Baby believe in me, cuz our is a cry, punish me cuz i don't wanna live without
You, what
Can i do


Why do you keep us apart, why won't you give up your heart, you know that we're
To be together, why do you push me away, all that i want is to give you love, Forever
And ever and ever


Selfishly i'm in love with you cuz i've searched my soul and i know that its you
Repeat 4x

To prove that i'm the only one for you...so whats wrong with being selfish, Selfish, selfish
So whats wrong with being selfish...yeah