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Nah Goa Jail
Said me Nah Goa Jail
Fe ganja no more
I'm a Nah Goa Jail

This here smoke
That you see me with sir
I just got it from an officer
And this here little bit of green sensimilla
I just got it from an inspector
He's my friend


When you see me
Walking down the street
It is time that you respect to me
'Cause from I ever know myself
I don't know why you always harass me


I hear one leader say
If it wasn't for the little sensi
Him no know what happen to the economy

I see another leader
Go in a Half Way Tree
And he set them ganja prisoners free


This here spliff that you see me with sir
I just got it from a priest sir
And this little bit of brown sensimilla
I just got it from a minister
My my my friend

I been there too many times...
Too many work to do...