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She saw me walking down the streets of your fine city
It kinda turned me on when she looked at me and said, "Come here"
Now I don't usually talk 2 strangers, but she looked so pretty
What can I lose if I, I just give a little ear
"What's up little girl I ain't got time 2 play"
Baby didn't say 2 much - she said, "Are U gay "
Kinda took me by surprise, I didn't know what 2 do
I just looked her in her eyes and I said, "No, are U "
(Said 2 myself, said)
She's just a crazy, crazy, crazy little mixed up dame
She's just a victim of society and all its games

Now where I come from
We don't let society tell us how it's supposed 2 be
Our clothes, our hair, we don't care
It's all about being there

Everybody's going Uptown - that's where I wanna be
Uptown - set your mind free
Uptown - got my body hot
Get down - I don't wanna stop, no!

Soon as we got there
Good times were rolling
White, Black, Puerto Rican, everybody just a-freakin'
Good times were rolling
She started dancing in the streets, oh!
The girl, she's just gone mad
U know, she even made love 2 me, ooh!
The best that I ever had, oh yeah
I don't usually talk 2 strangers
This time it's alright
See, she got me hot, I couldn't stop
Good times were rolling all night, all night, yeah

Now where I come from, we don't give a damn
We do whatever we please
It ain't about no downtown, nowhere bound, narrow-minded drag
It's all about being free

Everybody's going Uptown - that's where I wanna be
Uptown - U can set your mind free, yeah
Uptown - keep your body hot
Get down - I don't wanna stop, no!

Uptown (Oh, oh yeah)
Uptown (Everybody's goin', everybody's goin', everybody gotta gotta)
Uptown (Gotta go, gotta go go go, gotta go 2)
Uptown (Oh)
Uptown (Yeah, yeah, oh no)
Uptown (Gotta go go go - baby, I gotta go, gotta go)
Uptown (Come on, come on, U, U have 2, U gotta go)
Uptown (Oh no, yeah, now baby)