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Pah pah pah dah du du
Buh da bah mm-buh, bah ta nn du du
Pah pah pah dah du du
Buh da bah mm-buh, bah ta nn du du

He don't care
Where he's been playing
He doesn't hear
A word she's saying
She's a fancy girl
So why's she staying
Hanging on for mr. wrong
Buh da, bah ta nn du du

He doesn't show her that he needs her
She doesn't know his love's a liar
She's a fancy girl - got to be strong
Say so long - mr. wrong
Bye bye

Get out on your own girl
Show him how
You can be strong girl
Don't need him now
Run away, pretty girl
Say so long - mr. wrong

Pah pah pah dah du du
Buh da bah nn-duh, bah ta nn du du
Hm mm ah ah mm mm
Buh da bah nn-duh, bah-ta bah-na-ti dah dah dah dah dah
Buh duh dah da duh du
Buh da bah nn-duh, bah ta da du du

Run away
Bye bye
Pah pah pah dah du du
Buh da bah mm-buh, bah ta nn du du