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I started walkin' Sunday
And by Monday I was headin' out
along that freeway line
Round about a quarter tonine
I saw a Caddy headin' north and
I wa gettintired of walkin'
So I pulled him over to the side
Say man can you tell me where I can find
Just a little peace of mind
I'm gettin' tired of city livin'
and the orders I've been given
and the way I see it is I could be runnin'
out of time
He said man I've got just the place
where you and freedom come face to face
I know just how you feel, this place is unreal
You won't believe it when you see it
Man it's fr out of space

I do declare I want to take you there
I do declare I want to take you where
Where the people live without it
don't concern themselves about it
'Cos they know they've got a reason
and they ain't about to leave it
I declare I want to take you where
Where the honeysuckle's climbin'
and there ain't no sense of timin'
and you'll never need remindin'
why you left and why you came out here

Clare it was just an hour's drive away
Now listen close to everything I say
We passed through the city limits
and clare what lay within it
Was enough to blow your mind away
S come nclare get the hell out of there
they'll shut you up and make you
tear out your hait
So don't you tell me maybe 'cos you're
tryin' to be a lady
they've got everything we ever dreamed
we'd ever want to share

I do declare I want to take you there...