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I want to hurt you and don't know why
Though i know it's not like me
I can not help it, though I try to keep you away

All this time i thought I knew who you were
But this time all your words were just lies for demise
And your thoughts were found unpure
So when push comes to shove i found reasons
To not work it out or relate
And get off on the fear that i get when your near
And the problems that I create

This time, I think you'll finally see
This time, I will not break
This time, I'm smart enough to know
There is only so much I'll take

This time, I'm gonna make change
This time, you're in my way
This time, I will not play the same head trip on me game that you play

Unresolved situations esculate
Inside something brings me to push
To find out what you can take
When we run out of love and change seasons
With our lives together at stake
I'm aware of tears that I give when your near
And the confusion that I make


I want to hurt you and dont know why
I can not help it, though I try to keep you away


I want to hurt you
I don't want to lie