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Could you turn up my headphones please
Could you turn the music just a little bit please
The rap gamez calling uhh huuuu

I can get it if I want it
Want it nigga I'm a stone it
Visions on mine do it big I'm a tone it (watch me)
Backin on those hatas like rocky stop me himptizme your fucking dis jocky
Kick back label have to many sit backs fifty singles damn really dig that
It's the cookie monster with a [?] hungry ass nigga trying to eat apart a kit kat
Trying to stay down with a tight fit realizing that every dolla nigga [?] bullshit
Talk to your sister little sick trick 2 years talking to my self ain't gotta bitch
Rolling in the direction that I'm going fat booty gotta rubber nigga keep flowing ballin
Lyrically entertaining the party stevie stone and the rap gamez callin

Raping gamez calling for me S T O to the N to the E rap gamez callin ited called me ited called me early in the mornin [x2]
The rap gamez calling

Your boys up in it better call the paramedics tell them to send a luetient
Straight get down four leg in it feet first knee deep now I'm waist tie in it
What the deal idk but I wanna come here I wanna slow down laid back cadicallc grill
Wanna chill with the boys in the hills wanna make a horse galloy up fetch dolla bills
My way my time my dreams my plate? my grime my green my feel my nugs my team
One day we trapped in the stream

First corse send the crowd to the floor. cd barcodes in the store
Cop 1 cop 2 cop 4 stevie stone and I'm coming for the mo
Say fee fi fo fom I smell the blood of a english [?]
Raping gamez calling better move better run hit the drummer boy go rump rump rump
Home with the (wip) new kid weigh a ton have me in a hole but a nigga still won
[?] on my nigga you ain't get none fuck were you came stuck were your from

Raping gamez calling for me S T O to the N to the E rap gamez callin ited called me ited called me early in the mornin [x2]
The rap gamez calling

The rap gamez calling [x4]