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"We Do This"


Ain't no use in tryin to lie
You know we be ridin' fly
All that stuff you tryin to buy
Boy you know we be twice as fly
We do this
I'll show you how to do this
I'm probably the coolest
I'll show you how to do this
I'll show you how to do this shit

[Verse 1 - T.I.]
I got a drop on thirty's rims so purty (pretty)
Shut ya lil gallardo down closed curtain
Ya got a murcielago i got a mclaren for it
Balla of the year I oughta win a award
I got money offshore that i made off tour
Cash stashed in a paper bag from a whore
Some from the dro, some all blow
Never go broke but I still want more
Ya ain't gettin' nothing pimpin if ya ain't gettin' dough
Ya got a bitch n ya wonder why she ain't gettin' low
But she freakin wit fo'
Shit if you was tryin to be fly i suggest try a little more nigga


[Verse 2 - Eminem]
Who ya ever seen under thirty this fly
Playa house south beach top floor its a tie
And this'll never stop I'll do this shit til I die
Then after that consider me a ribbon in the sky
I'm G4 flyin' big boat buyin
Land in miami then i sail to a island
My Cali crew high in the hills I ain't lyin'
Man them bitches get high in anything they tryin'
I got cars I don't know about money I don't know about
or 4 movies get a 100K a show about
mil in real estate make them niggas really hate
What I care about it I ain't like them niggas anyway


[Verse 3 - T.I.]
I'm a fool with the bitches I talk they listen
Funny thing all I gotta say is lets get it
And my mouth piece sweet but my dick game vicious
Plus I'm paid but they already rich they ain't trippin'
She can tell I'm fly first time she ride wit me
S65 who ride the 550
King worldwide God to my city
Yea them other niggas say that they hard but not really
Coupe super clean shut all the cars down
I got 50 g's on me i'll tear the mall down
Use to be in the in the summer home now
one in Cabo one in miami think i'll go to rome now

[Hook 2X]

Ay Ay

Thanks to Karl for adding these lyrics.