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I always used to colour up when you came by
Without any reason
The little things could make me feel so high
I just can’t believe it

I used to wait to see you almost every day
You could not avoid me
All I could do was look away
I could not perceive it

Beautiful, Beautiful
That’s what you are

I couldn’t help but drowning in those eyes of blue
An utter shattered feeling
And the gentle pain you put me through
Oh no, but somehow I need it

Beautiful, Beautiful
That’s what you will always be to me
Oh beautiful, So beautiful
That’s what you are
You give me reason

I’ll never dare to show just how I feel for you
You bruise my ways
No other love can do to you
But the little things still make me feel so high

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful
That’s what you will always be to me
Oh beautiful, So beautiful
That’s what you are
You give me reason

Like no one ever will
Only you, Beautiful
Oh like no one makes me feel
No, only you
Beautiful, Beautiful
You give me reason