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Been reaching for a reason for the pain that's to come
Been waiting for the season when the healing's done
Well, lined up in black in white
This blood runs red on both side
Broken in two, but
Hurting as one
Hurting as one, oh
Hurting as one, oh

See the battle now it's raging in our hearts and minds
Hear the voices how they're shouting out the others' crimes
Our past lies dressed in white
We're all just dragged to the fight

Broken into hurting as one
Hurting as one, oh
Hurting as one, oh
Hurting as
Uh, uh, uh, uh

Lined up in black in white
This blood runs red on both side
Our past now thrown aside
We're all just dragged to fight

Broken in two, but hurting as one
Hurting as one, oh
Hurting as one, oh
We could be one
We could be one
We're coming undone
We could be one
Hurting as