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[Intro: Twista]
Oh you didn&#39;t think we can do it again...?
Kanye West...
From Po pimpin&#39; to Poppin&#39; tags...
From champions to Slow Jamz...
Oh baby...
We can even make you an overnight celebrity...
Know what I&#39;m sayin&#39;?

[Chorus: Kanye West]
(Why don&#39;t we...)
Play somethin&#39; these hoes&#39;ll like
Drive whips I know they like
Twista you told &#39;em right...
[Twista] I can make you a celebrity overnight...
Give you ice like Kobe wife...
We sort of like goldie right...
the way we mold &#39;em right...
[Twista] I can make you a celebrity overnight...

Girl, I see you in them apple bottom jeans, chinchilla on your back I wanna know your name,
Girl, I&#39;m Twista, I can throw your brain, put you in the chameleon 04 range,
Still sexy when you smoke that flame, jerkin&#39; like a chicken when you throw that thing,
She got me hotter than an oven the way that she talk, switchin&#39; and freaky, so I&#39;m lovin&#39; the way that she walks,
You&#39;re lookin&#39; good, girl, you ought to be in pictures... Listen to me, I see your career&#39;s goin&#39; sky high,
Takin&#39; you home to the crib in the Chi, and everytime I see your thighs I cry when I drive by,
Watch it, you should bring a thrill, got the fellows on some Johnny Gills steady screaming &quot;My, my, my, my,&quot;
Walking the carpet with the diamonds that flick in the dark, kickin&#39; it on the couch and 106 &amp;amp; Park,
I can see your beauty on a big screen... I can see me freakin&#39; you with whip cream...
I can see you on stage at the awards, with a dress better then Jennifer&#39;s and doin&#39; big things,
Kick it with me, I can mold your life, you&#39;re lookin&#39; good, girl, show you right,
Dre told me you&#39;re the prototype, I can make you a celebrity overnight...


You want fame, you can take that path, candle lights when you take a bath,
You got such a sensational ass, I&#39;m gonna get you Jimmy Choo and Marc Jacobs bags,
I could cop her a tow thousand and three, make her smile when she sees Sprees,
I can get you on CD&#39;s and DVD&#39;s, take you to BB&#39;s in BCB-G,
I could get you into places, to be into the people I know&#39;ll show you things to get into,
I wanna be your lover and your confidant and protect you from others, don&#39;t let another brother pimp you,
If you want the style you could with you girl, you all take a look at her she got such an astonishin&#39; body,
I could see you in some Gucci, Roberto Cavalli and I bet she&#39;s gonna put a hurt on &#39;em hard in the party,
And you know you kill &#39;em in the club, you cold, you was born to be a pro, how you&#39;re gonna stick to photos?
And I love you &#39;cause you&#39;re freaky with the door closed, drop it to the floor let that go when you roll slow,
And I love it when I hit it from the back and you get on top of me and have a brother goin &quot;Oh, oh&quot;
Girl, I love how you roll me right, I can make you a celebrity overnight...

Over Night Celebrity

[Interlude: Twista]
See baby girl...
You see how you make a brother break down?
I just gotta ask you...
What you need?
What you need from me?
Oh, you wanna be a star?
Oh, you&#39;re messin&#39; with the right one...
I can take you there...
I can make sure you got all the finest things...
Let me be your manager...

Come here, girl, I can see you&#39;re bored, take you to the queen that I see you for,
Take you shoppin&#39; on Sprees in stores, I&#39;m gonna get you to the MTV awards,
We&#39;re about to do a show tonight, you&#39;re lookin&#39; good girl, show you right,
Take you places, I know you like, I can make you a celebrity overnight,
Come here, girl, you can hang if you&#39;re bored, we can do plenty things plus more,
I&#39;m about to have you changin&#39; in stores, I can even get you to the Soul Train Awards,