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Yo, it's time to play the game
Put your money on the table, come on!
It's the one game you never, ever win
Uh, yeah, it's my game, c'mon
My time, yeah, what you got
You can't win

[Verse One]
It's all about the game, and how you play it
It's all about control, and how you take it
It's all about your debts, and how you pay it
It's all about the pain, and how you make it
I am the Game (yeah) you can't play me
I am control ('trol) you can't take me
I am your debts (ha) you can't pay me
I am the pain (uh) you can't make me... here we go
You better exercise caution, be ready to run
Like a scared-ass punk, from a smokin gun
It's a deadly game, I make the rules
One step ahead of you moron fools
You think you know what, my next move will be
You dumb-ass punks get strung by me
Don't ever forget, there's a price to pay
Cause I am the Game and I came to play

[Verse Two]
Yeah, roll the dice
Pop in your cartridge
Yeah, yeah
Put your money on the table
You can't win, you're not stable
You're not able, you can't {fuck} with me
Take your homeboy, he ain't {shit}
C'mon break me
Yeah, c'mon test me
C'mon, you can't best me
I am the Game

[Verse Three]
Yeah, g'head, g'head and play me
Come on, touch me
Move me, think you got me
C'mon, I'll play you, I'm the Game
I'm the baddest bitch in town
Yo bullshit, c'mon
What'chu got Bring it to the table
I'm the Game, that's { }
Yeah, what'chu want
What'chu got
You can't play me