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Another summer
Another vacation is over
It is September now with the sun and the smell of the clover
Down by the gate we sit and watch all our friends go by
And pretend we don't hear the bell that rings through the summer sky

I was happy with the kisses she gave me
It is just that happy was all she made me
Happy that was until I saw you

Heartbeat, what do you bear me now
You hurt me, desert me in my darkest hour
Heartbeat, Why do you keep me here
How help but admire her beauty
Standing on the line between desire and duty
Heartbeat, it'll end in tears

I need a lover when love is such dangerous place to be
If we were meant for each other then why don't you answer me
Don't keep me waiting, you know I long to be by your side
We could even by together tonight

I was happy with the kisses she gave me
But now there's nothing on earth can save me
Why should I care I can't have you