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Тут отображается текст песни

Yeah.. huh.. it&#39;s been a long time
It seem&#39; like the whole world is waiting on the West Coast
We missed you... welcome back... Let&#39;s go!

Uhh, yeah that, New West
C&#39;mon, uhh (uhuh)
Here we go; Steady Gang, Steady Gang, Steady Gang, Steady Gang
Uhh, yeah that
Klack klack - klack klack klack klack klack klack, uhh c&#39;mon
Yeah, uhh
(Yeah! Yeah!)

Strong Arm Steady we ready it&#39;s time to ball out
When vocal chords spit cold shit they never thaw out
Industry tried to pigeonhole, I had to crawl out
Hear my name bein&#39; called out, nuclear fallout
Full body armor with bangers, we goin&#39; all out
Garbage bags in trunk of the car, it won&#39;t stall out
Hit you where you stay, hogtied, you gettin hauled out
Crush the whole car, it&#39;s well planned and thought out
Try to attain fame from beef, you went the wrong route
Scrape a .38 on your teeth, I knock &#39;em all out
I know you ain&#39;t fuckin with me dawg (c&#39;mon now!)
Underestimate, run up on, it&#39;s on now
Have your niggaz plottin&#39; revenge and puttin songs out
Demise by design, blueprints is drawn out
Flood crack back in the hood, it&#39;s been a long drought
Show you what this gangsta-killa Cali is all about

[Chorus 2X]
Klack, for the niggaz that bangin&#39; it in the city and
Klack, for the enemies creepin&#39; to come and get me (Klack klack klack klack klack)
Be thankful, if you get away alive
You wouldn&#39;t kill or won&#39;t let nothin&#39; die, so keep it movin&#39;

Yo! You don&#39;t like how I&#39;m livin&#39;? Well fuck you!
Nostradamus style, make every line come through
Don&#39;t make me spit, predict your last action
Last man standing (yeah), last man laughin&#39; (yeah)
Assassin, crosshairs, smile for the birdie (click!)
Hit you long range, high-powered 30-30 shit
If you never heard of a heavy assault rifle
Hit targets a mile away from the top of the Eiffel (woo!)
Knock the soul out of your body
Stay plottin&#39; like Bin Laden to swoop down and crash your party
All bark no bite (shiiit!) we don&#39;t bark nigga
We bite to the white then shake &#39;till the afterlife
Hard work and sacrifice, who&#39;s your daddy?
Make you wanna drop e&#39;rything and move to Cali
We classic, go &#39;head, speak my name
And I&#39;ma lay your ass down like the All Star Game, c&#39;mon!

[Chorus 2X]

Sawed-off shotgun, shoot through your shoulderblade
Bitch-made niggaz get hit with a hand grenade
Blow up your Escalade, then I hit the road
And I&#39;m back in the hood lookin&#39; for somethin&#39; to smoke
Everytime, I use the element of surprise
With a gun that&#39;s big enough to make an elephant hide
I elevate my rhythm by hustlin&#39; crack addicts
Get locked but when I&#39;m released I&#39;m back at it
See Mitch know the time, in front of me the birdie and
Phil got the costumers comin&#39; to get it early we
Came a long way from po-lice chasin&#39; us
For dope in our sucks and angel dust
Yeah klack for the strippers in clubs shakin&#39; their titties
This, mac&#39;ll have you bitch-niggaz runnin&#39; like P. Diddy
I&#39;ll bang you, comin&#39; out the side of your mouth
We the reason why you stay in the house, dizzle, gang

Uh-huh, yeah that, recognize nigga
Uhh, klack klack klack klack klack
(Uhh) Steady Gang is now here
The West is here, we&#39;re nowhere anyway nigga
Uhh, get aboard bitch
Uhh, get aboard, klack back here, klack klack klack klack klack
Uh-huh, yeah that recognize,
The Golden State, for those that hate
Uh-huh, yeah, nigga we bringin&#39; it to the streets
We ain&#39;t going nowhere
Niggas been buyin&#39; till, jewelry, cars
The whole mothafuckin&#39; run, nigga
Don&#39;t matter nigga
Nigga he West ain&#39;t going nowhere
But now we on TV, Steady Gang!
(nigga) Klack klack klack