Скачать mp3: Young Jeezy - Everything (Feat. Anthony Hamilton And Lil Boosie)

  • Young Jeezy - Everything (Feat. Anthony Hamilton And Lil Boosie)
  • Young Jeezy - Everything feat. Anthony Hamilton and Lil Boosie
  • Young Jeezy - Everything (feat. Anthony Hamilton & Lil Boosie)
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Wassup, wassup
Count money, get money, count money
Get money, count money, get money, count money
Get money, count money

I used to have nothing
But now I got a whole lot of everythang
And I come through stuntin'
And now the whole world gon' know my name
And I used to have nothing
But now I got a whole lot of everythang
That's why I come through stuntin'
When I'm gone the whole world gon' know my name

[Verse 1]
12 years old, caught up in that street life
I was tryna shine harder than the street lights
Ran the streets tongue-tied, couldn't sleep nights
Cause when you're living wrong, it's hard to sleep right
But it is what it is, gotta eat, right?
Cop them things they be whiter than your teeth, right?
Dreamed some big things on my grandmama couch
Hid some big things at my grandmama house
Cause when you play the game every strike counts
And why they call them 8 balls if they don't bounce?
Bag full of breakdowns in the back yard
But you can't get 'em out 'til it's backed off


[Verse 2]
What it do nigga? 1 triple zero
Who you be nigga? The neighborhood hero
Dope game, no shame, nigga more pain
Seen enough to drive a young nigga insane
From the windows of the trap, see the prison bars
Flashing lights on top, we call them prison cars
This for my niggas make a livin' on they mobile phone
Grind hard 'til your earrings cost a mobile home
Ain't nothin' wrong with that, get your mobile on
Get the bricks butt naked, get your Stroker's on
All the other bullshit I could have focused on
Said fuck that shit and kept my focus on


[Verse 3]
Yeah they try to stop a nigga but I won't let 'em
See the wheels? How the fuck you ain't gon' sweat 'em
Bet you one thing, bet you niggas won't bet 'em
G5 take off, you know I'm gon' jet 'em
Road trips ain't shit, you know I go get 'em
Plus my man send his check, you know we gon' split 'em
Now it's so many shoes that I can't wear
From that real nigga cloth, that's why you can't tell
Always knew that I'd make it out someday
Traffic jam, I was going down the one-way
Twelve used to hit the block, I had to run away
Now this nigga be flyer than the runway